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Dr. Peralta
We greatly appreciate your professionalism and your concern for your patients.  If you ever need a recommendation to any prospective clientele, Linda and I will gladly tell of our experiences with you and your clinic.  We love you and Alexandra and look forward to working with you on our future medical missions.  Your concern for your patients shows that you have the love of Christ in you.  We look forward to seeing the both of you soon.  God bless you.

In Christ,

Bill and Linda Hegeman

Dr. Gabriel Peralta
I wanted to thank you for the excellent care I received while in your care.  I am very pleased with the results of my surgery.  It is now about 8 week since my surgery and the swelling is almost completely gone.  I am doing very well.  I have the renewed youthful appearance I had hoped for.

I had heard of your excellent work and now I would recommend your services to anyone who is seeking this type surgery.

God Bless you and your staff.

Peggy Foster

Two years ago I was interested to have a breast implant surgery , but I was  very afraid.

Now I have to months since the surgery was made on me and I do not regret about it. My body have changed for good, my self steme  as a woman have been growing a lot.

I followed very closed all  after surgery instructions and my recovery was great.   

Ana Lucía Vega

I feel very happy to have this surgery because my face have a big change, I thank God first and then Dr Gabriel Peralta for make this surgery and for his blessed hands that make it possible. Thank’s

Eida Maria Aguilar

One month ago I had a nose surgery since then only good about my surgery, recovery, clinic and medical team I have.

Melitina the Nurse always there for me giving me stregh and valenty she made me feel very confortable.

Dr Peralta 100% professional, his advaisment and recomentations were acertados. After surgery I do not doubt about that I choose the right place to have my surgery done.

Though  the people says this surgery is painful I can say I did not feel any pain any time . For this reason I do recomend this clinic to have  any aesthetic surgery done in this great clinic. My life change complety, my sef steme and I feel very satisfy with the 

Juan Alberto Díaz Carranza 

My experience with Dr peralta was awsome , The clinic service is excelente, the human been from Dr Peralta  and his team is amaizing, That make you to forget about the fair from the surgery. In my case the breast Implants surgery was very easy to recovery and evaery time I can I recommend Dr Peralta’s clinic.

Ana Elena Ramírez Landaverde

Eyelids Surgery

It was very hardly for me to take the decision of having this kind of surgery, it was a very positive experience because after 4 months of the procedure I feel very good.

The courtesy of Dr. Peralta and his staff have been excellent. I recommend the persons who want to be treated that they can do it without any fear.

Daisy Ulate R.
October 24th, 2007

Making this surgery with doctor peralta over pass all  my expectations, I feel so greatfull and happy with the results. I Know perfection does not exist but this surgery was too close to get it. My self steme is bigger now and I am very happy. I recommend all the persons  that want to have a plastic surgery to do it, but I recommend to choose a responsible and dedicated  surgeon as Dr peralta and his office. They are excellent.

Deyanira Sandoval Salazar

I am a mother of two kids reason why alter two pregnancies a and because the weight lose my breast fall and did not look the same any more
One day one friend recommend me Dr. Peralta. Today I have tree months since the surgery I fell very Satisfy , yrecovery was Fast and I did not regret about it. I was in good hands.
Thanks Dr Peralta.

Angélica González M.

After many months thinking about the breast surgery  I did it, Now I am very proud  with the results and very happy to have been choose Dr peralta as my surgeon for this big desition
Thanks Dr Peralta, thanks to you wife and meli to take care of me and I wish the beast for all of you.    

Alejandra Sánchez.

This was an incredibble experience for me becouse the doctor’s professonalism and his medical team ofering safety and thusth that made me feel secure  to make this surgery with out been on risk having an exceptional result bringing my self steme up giving me  confidence obout my self. Today  I live with this excellent surgery.

Alexandra Zúñiga

The experience lived during the process of my rinoplastia at  Doctor Gabriel Peralta’s clinic  was great. From the first appointment the amability and professionalism from Dr. Peralta showed itself  with his treatment and the human  being.  The day of the surgery  was extraordinary, the attentions received by all the personnal of the clinic surpassed all my expectations. Without doubt and after visit several surgeons, I  choose the clinic for the operation, my husband and I did not find one better alternative than the Clinic of Doctor Gabriel Peralta. 

Catherine Loaiza

Many years ago, one of my bigest desires  was to fix my  nose , I  lived with a complex because of this. When I was at school they call me with  many nasty  Nick names ; I never  took profile photos, When I did the decision to do the surgery I began to save,  When  the came came  I I was nervous, I put myself first into  God hands , and then Dr´s  Peralta, who always to had a special and wonderful treat,  He explained  each passage with detail and  gave me confidence during the planning appointments. Once I woke up of the operation I was great.  I follow one by one of the indications from the surgeon, my recovery was very easy and fast. Every day it watch my self  at the mirror to value the changes in my face, today I feel more beautiful, and with a great   self-esteem and happiness, my face  look more feminine. I thank  God for the opportunity  and for the great and professional work that Dr Gabriel Peralta did with my nose.  


I  wanted to  change   of my  image because I  was not   confident about the way I looked. My desire was to have a biger size breast,  I feel very satisfied with the result, they look very natural.    The recovery was  very fast . I feel comfortable and happy with my implants, I have received very good comments  from my family and  friends . Thank’s Dr Peralta.   

Ligia Ramirez Guillen

I had an abdominoplasty in Costa Rica seven months ago by a Plastic Surgeon, Dr. Gabriel Peralta, which was a superb experience.

Dr. Peralta sat with for an hour and a half explaining the difference between a liposuction, an abdominoplasty and the possible outcome on each procedure.  He was in no hurry, he took his time to respond to all my questions, even went further to show me pictures of previous patients and open up a file with all my personal information, all the drawings and his suggestions to which one was more appropriate for me.  He was the fourth doctor that I visited regarding this procedure and the only who took the time to explain it and clarify the pros and cons on it.

I contacted Dr. Peralta two months later to discuss further inquires and to schedule an appointment for surgery on September 19, 2006.  He requested several medical tests before the surgery for medical clearance.

The day before the surgery, I went to his clinic for the final details.  He took “the before” pictures, measured me and marked all the points where the incision would be done, also gave me instructions to follow the night before the surgery.

The following morning at 6 a.m. Mrs. Amelia, the sweetest and most special nurse I had ever met, took me to my room, helped me undress and got me ready for surgery, she stood by my side and whole time.  When I woke from the surgery I was in recuperation where Dr. Peralta and the nurse were adjusting the girdle that I had to wear.

Approximately 6 lbs. of skin and fat were removed from my stomach, also got rid of my appendix scar and made me a perfect belly button.  Everything went so smooth that I did not feel any pain or discomfort.  Ms. Meli took me to my room, helped me to dress and got me ready to go home.

The following two and a half weeks Dr. Peralta and his staff were in contact with me on a daily basis.  Dr. Peralta requested that I visit the clinic almost every other day to check the incision, to clean my drainage and to make sure the skin was healing properly.  He also gave me prescriptions for pain killers; antibiotics and a girdle that I had to wear for support.  A week later he took my drainage out and the stitches were removed the following week.  I went back for a final check up and “the after” pictures on October 12th.  My recuperation at home was very easy and my scar healed perfectly and quickly.

Dr. Peralta and his staff me my expectations at every level.  His professionalism and caring from beginning to end was excellent. He made me feel very secure and relaxed at all times.  The staff at the Clinic took care of all the spoiling and caring; there was no day that I did not receive attention from them.  It is been 7 months and my scar is almost gone, I have a flat tummy with hardly any scars and I look awesome.

Thank you Dr. Peralta.

Triana M. Resto
Ft. Lauderdale, Florida

Dear, Dr. Gabriel.

I just wanted to take the time to thank you for all you`ve done for me. I couldn´t be more pleased with my results even after 2 weeks! Everyone has been so helpful and supportive throughout this whole process. You´re an excellent surgeon who’s also very personable, honest adviser, and you really seem to care which is very important for the clients who put their looks into surgeon´s hands. You and your staff made me feel very comfortable with your outstanding service. Plus l´d like to compliment on your peaceful building interior design. I have no reservations at all to recommend friends or clients to you. Thank you so much again.

Kind regards,
Summer, New York, U.S.A

Dear Dr. Gabriel A. Peralta:

The following is to thank you for the opportunity of meeting with you and also being able to see your Aesthetic, Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery Clinic in San José, Costa Rica. I was very impressed with the equipment in your Surgical Suites and Recovery Room facilities, which are of the highest quality and comparable to the best facilities I have been fortunate to have seen in Plastic Surgery Clinics throughout Latin America and in the USA inclusively. I commend and congratulate you for these facilities, which can offer the highest level of Surgery and Post-Op Care to the patients.Thank you for the opportunity of meeting with you and I look forward to seeing you again soon.

Best Regards,

Pablo A. Chavez, DemeTECH Corporation
Sales Manager Latin America & Caribbean
Tel: 305-597-5277
Fax: 305-437-7607
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