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Costa rica Medical spa and peelings

This unique medical spa in Costa Rica offers the perfect balance between medical therapy and spa.

Our spa can scientifically address face and body conditions, while enhancing each treatment with much needed relaxation for the mind, body, and soul.

We are proud and delighted to serve you with the best care and with our specialized team. This spa operate under the full-time plastic surgeon supervision and licensed healthcare professional therapists surrounded in an atmosphere that integrates clinical aesthetic enhancement and spa treatments.

You can renew, revitalize and restore your body back into balance fulfilling all your aesthetic needs. We are a cosmetic and medical day spa offering a full range of services including: skin rejuvenation, body treatments ,Pampered, relaxed and refreshed massages.


We set out to design a rejuvenating, medically focused spa that offers real solutions for you skin. All this medical skin rejuvenation treatments are preformed by Gabriel Peralta plastic surgeon. Your skin will be smoother, radiate with natural beauty.

Relaxes the fine facial muscles that contribute to expression lines and creases on the face. The treatment uses a very fine injection and causes very little discomfort. Cosmetic offers smoother, more youthful looking skin for up to five months.

  and Restyline and fat injections

RESTYLINE Restores fullness and vitality to creased skin. Particularly useful for addressing the lines around the nose and mouth, Restylane's non-animal based hyaluronic acids mirror the body's naturally occurring elements that provide the skin's luster and smoothness. The positive effects of Restylane are immediate and a single treatment offers six months of benefits to your skin.



PEELS We recommend a skin care program in combination with a chemical peel to achieve the best result of the peel. Examples of some of the chemical peels we offer are:

  • Glycolic Acid Re-texturizing Chemical Peels: These chemical peels range from 20-70 % in strength. They are gentle yet effective in helping all skin types with the following: Acne, age and sunspots, enlarged and clogged pores, hyper-pigmentation, blotchy uneven skin tones and premature aging such as fine wrinkles. Each treatment is individualized by response. These chemical peels are generally recommended in a series of six treatments.
  • TCA Peel: The TCA chemical peel is an "intermediate depth" skin peel designed to remove the outer layer of damaged skin, penetrate into the mid dermis (deeper layer of skin) and stimulate new collagen formation. It is used for deeper areas of sun damage, acne, scarring and fine lines. This is a deeper chemical peel and as such, requires additional anesthesia and involves greater down time.


Cleansing, toning and nutrition. Massage deep cleaning of impurities, dead cells elimination, hydratation and nourishment.

Splash facial

A unique face-lifting and cleaning facial, this high-performing treatment is designed to actively combat the signs of ageing: wrinkles, skin slackness and pigmentation. It includes a manual face-lifting massage and a moisturizing.

A warm stone massage, complemented by hydrating collagen and protein-rich extracts, replenishes vital moisture levels and leaves the skin feeling like velvet. A luxurious hand treatment enhances this wonderfully luxurious facial. Immediate results make this an ideal facial before a special occasion. Chocolate facial nutrition and Zinc antinflammatory therapy are included.

Lymphatic drainage- facial

Toxins are gently and rhythmically rubbed away from points of accumulation. The treatment facilitates the exchange of oxygen and the transport of water and proteins. This facial is recommended of edema, swollen eyes and facial stress.


Aesthetic medical treatments, Relaxing therapies you can enjoy in our SPA with ultimate comfort, confidence, and satisfaction.


A treatment specifically designed to remove impurities that accumulate on the back and shoulder area, Welcome to this treatment pamper body scrub, and detoxifying body wrap. A deep-cleansing, body exfoliation and stimulating massage follow. Marine algae or chocolate is then applied to stimulate circulation, eliminate toxins and improve energy levels. Finally, a forehead and scalp massage soothes and calms the mind.


  • Nutrition consultations
  • Contour - Shaping therapy and fat reduction body massage
  • Anticellulite and molding treatment
  • Reaffirming treatment : Enhances the body’s tone and silhouette. The treatment was developed to provide a highly efficient solution for skin that lacks firmness, particularly after pregnancy or weight loss. Following dry brushing and exfoliation, a marine peel-off mask is applied to slack areas of skin. A relaxing scalp massage allows the mind to drift away.
  • Pre and post surgery massage
  • Hot stone therapy and massage
  • Lymphatic drainage: Toxins and fat cells are gently and rhythmically rubbed away from points of accumulation. The treatment facilitates the exchange of oxygen and the transport of water and proteins.
  • Body Wraps : Hot and Cold fat reduction Therapy

Aesthetic medical body spa and hair transplant

Aesthetic medical body spa and hair transplant


  • Relaxing massage: a rhythmical and deeply relaxing warm oil massage helps to remove stagnant energy and activate and stimulate the prana, your body’s vital energy. Then, while your body is enveloped in a de-stressing cocoon, your mind is transported with a soothing head-and-neck massage, applied to stimulate circulation, eliminate toxins and improve energy levels. Finally, a forehead and scalp massage soothes and calms the mind.

  • recovery houses and hotels in Costa RicaHot stone therapy and massage: A blend of techniques based on the body’s meridian and shiatsu points with a deep muscular stone treatment, to stimulate blood and energy flow and improve the body balance.

  • Body exfoliation with chocolate

  • Foot and hand massage: Hydratation, pressure on the reflex points to relieve tension and fatigue while improving circulation ,foot reflexology and paraffin.

  • Holistic Moon bath: a mix of Relaxing massages, face masks for you face and body, sauna with delicate essences giving a deep relaxation ,facial, body and foot massages, hot stones , paraffin masks all of this to give harmony to body, mind and spirit.

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